My Experience

Facebook Moderator: I am currently an administrator of four town wide Facebook groups. Throughout the pages, there are a total of over 7,170 members. The most successful group that I created is Tewksbury Connected. Through my leadership skills I have been able to bring people together to discuss community issues, share information, share town events, and ask questions. I have contributed heavily to the group's growth and sense of community. It is now at almost 3,000 members. I am proud to say that it is a positive and inclusive environment where all members can go to ask for information and learn more about their community.

Remote Parents: For the 2020-2021 school year, I created and ran a Facebook group for parents of full remote students in the Tewksbury Public School System. I worked with a small group of parents, where we would have zoom calls and write letters to the Tewksbury school administrators regarding what we desired for our children. I helped gather data, contributed to the letters, shared the info with parents not on Facebook, ran an email associated with the group and updated the group. I not only contributed information that was helpful for my child but for children of all grades in the Tewksbury schools.

Girl Scouts: I was involved in Girl Scouts for 13 years. I was on the Baldwin Girl Scouts Service Team which met in preparation of the service unit meetings for all leaders of Girl Scout Troops in Tewksbury and Wilmington. I was a cookie booth coordinator where I scheduled booth sales, held trainings, provided information, shared ideas and answered questions to assist leaders and cookie moms with their booth sales. I was also a troop leader for 13 years taking my daughter from Daisies to Ambassador Girl Scouts. I planned and ran events such as Halloween Dances, Bingo, Roller Skating, Ice Skating, First Aid, Holidays Around the World, Christmas Ornament Decorating, and Cupcake Wars. With my leadership skills, I was able to teach my troop to run and plan some of these events on their own. I also volunteered at other organizers’ events and helped plan them, such as Scavenger Hunt, Cupcake Decorating, Scrapbooking, Girl Scout Sunday, Candy & Nut sorting and the Leader Appreciation Dinner. I participated in many town events such as Harvest Festival, National Night Out, Safe Trick or Treat, 911 Ceremony, and the Memorial Day Parades.

Town Warrant Article: I researched, wrote, advocated, and successfully rallied votes to pass a new town bylaw to protect residents from unwanted door-to-door solicitation through a new “Do Not Knock” registry at the 2021 fall town meeting. The bylaw was passed unanimously.

North Street PAC: I was on the North Street School PAC for 5 years. I attended monthly meetings, helped out at events, ran events and was the fundraiser coordinator for 2 years. I was chair/co-chair for 4th grade committee for both of my children. I distributed the school monthly newsletter by email to the North Street School Community. I later proposed the idea of weekly school emails, which I implemented for the North Street School Community and eventually it was implemented into all the Tewksbury schools.

Other School Experience: I have volunteered at the Dewing and North Street School libraries. I was on the Dewing School principal search committee. I volunteered at the All Night Long Event and picked up food for the event. I implemented a car parade for the class of 2020. I also organized and hosted a Kahoot night for the class of 2020 and a graduation cap decorating contest. I helped out with the class of 2020 adopt a senior.

Religious Education: I was a religious education teacher at St. Williams Church for both of my children's classes grades 1-4. I served on the St. Williams Church picnic committee and was the co-chair of it for one year.